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Tips and Advice for Traveling With Toddler and Baby


Traveling with a toddler (8 months to 5 years) can be hell-on-wheels or wonderful! But here’s the good news: what you do now (and throughout your vacation) can completely tip the odds in your favour!

Here are 5 thoughts to breeze your child… from beginning to end:

Before you leave, get ready to travel with toddler

It’s Possible to Get There Without Breaking a Sweat


Traveling with Toddler : Even When Time Zones Change, Sleeping Aids

Traveling with Toddler: Traumas should be avoided (Big and Little)

Bring first aid/illness medicine, as well as any unique needs your child may have.
Childproofing the room is a good idea when it comes to indoor safety (duct tape, electric plugs, etc.). Also, look for potential hazards such as dangling wires, scorching hot water, bedbugs, and so on.

Avoid becoming sunburned when you’re outside. Use natural repellents or even DEET to keep bugs at bay (only put this on clothing, not on skin).


When traveling with toddler, keep it simple.

Traveling with a toddler is not for the faint of heart, but with these pointers in hand, you can make the journey go more smoothly for everyone. You may prepare for a quieter, more pleasurable trip by planning ahead of time, storing up on stickers and snacks, and prioritising sleep.

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  1. How do you fly with a toddler and a baby?

    Save these tips for flying with babies and toddlers.
    1. Choose between a direct trip and a flight with a lengthier layover.
    2. Before your flight, go to the restroom at the airport.
    3. Pre-boarding is a great way to save money.
    4. Purchase a child’s aeroplane seat separately.
    5. Flying with a newborn or toddler can be expensive.
    6. Baby gear should be checked at the gate.

  2. How do you travel with a 2 year old on a plane?

    When travelling with a kid under the age of two, you have the option of carrying the youngster on your lap (infant-in-arms) or using an FAA-approved child safety seat. You must purchase a ticket for your child in order for them to have a reserved seat when using an FAA-approved safety seat.

  3. How can I make my toddler travel easier?

    Traveling with Toddlers: 7 Tips for a Successful Vacation
    1. When going on a road trip, use a car seat.
    2. Make a reservation for the safest in-flight options.
    3. Before you leave, stock up on snacks.
    4. Traveling with Toddler Hygiene Essentials is a good idea.
    5. Reconnect without the use of electronic devices.
    6. Together, we can learn something new.
    7. For flights, choose quiet activities.

  4. How do you travel with a 1 year old in a car?

    7 Ways to Make a Road Trip with a Baby or Toddler Easier
    1. Don’t go overboard.
    2. It’s time to play in the backseat.
    3. Snacks and meals can be used to divert attention away from the task at hand.
    4. Keep your family safe while on the road.
    5. During the journey, listen to music.
    6. Bring a bucket with you.
    7. On the journey, you can watch movies.
    More tips for travelling with newborns and toddlers can be found here.

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