Out of all the resources that your body can run out of, dehydration that involves the loss of water is the most commonly found issue. We would’ve all fallen sick and the general physician after diagnosis and prescribing medicines would always complete the session with the dialogue,”Drink a lot of water and make sure to stay hydrated”.No matter what the issue is, this advice was always standard.So is water that inevitable? Well, let’s find out. 

Why Do I Need Water? 

According to several reports and medical analysis our body is made up of about 60% water and we tend to lose a huge chunk of it everyday in our day today activities.The abilities and role of the liquid in your body is endless.Starting from the digestion of your food, absorption, saliva production, transportation of nutrients and keeping your body temperature at bay.Amongst these, the most crucial function is to flush toxins out of your body where the brain communicates with your kidney on how much water is to be excreted through the pituitary gland  depending on the amount of water in your body. So if you don’t have enough levels of water,your body might hold back on excreting water which means thorough flushing of toxins isn’t happening which could be harmful for your body among other issues such as mood and thinking issues, overheating of the body, kidney stones, constipation and bowel issues. 

For the Muscles  

  • It is absolutely important for muscle cells to maintain an adequate source of water and electrolytes otherwise they would shrivel leading to muscle fatigue affecting their performance. 
  • Water helps lubricate and cushion the joints. 
  • Exercising and gymming could work these muscles up and also cause a lot of water, hence its always recommended to stay hydrated before and after exercising to compensate for the loss of water due to sweating.  

For the Skin 

  • Drinking adequate amount of water could minimize the loss of hydration and acts as a skin barrier preventing breakouts and dullness due to dryness 

For  Your Kidney 

  • The primary toxin of your body is blood urea nitrogen which is water soluble and passes through the kidney out of your body with the use of water as urine. 
  • The cleansing routine might not be effective if you don’t drink enough water and can be identified with the color of urine. The lighter , the better. 
  • If you don’t hydrate yourself enough especially in warmer climates , you are most susceptible to the risk of kidney stones. 

For Your Bowels 

  • As far as you are adequately hydrated , your body would ensure enough water passing in your gastrointestinal tract and prevent constipation. 
  • In case, the hydration level isn’t met, then your colon would pull water from your stools causing constipation. 

How Do I Stay Hydrated? 

Now, this is the key part. If you have issues with the taste of water then it’s recommended that you add some lemon wedges or mint leaves or slices of cucumber such that it doesn’t feel monotonous and these veggies on their own are excellent sources of hydration and could add that extra boost with some extra nutrients. Make sure to carry a water bottle everywhere you go and to keep some bottles stored and ready in the fridge that makes sure you don’t run out of water. 

Wat-er  The  Alternatives ? 

Apart from water , there are several ways to ensure you’re hydrated through food. 

  • Oatmeals are a great choice to stay hydrated because when cooked with milk and water, they tend to absorb milk and water and expand, so you’ll automatically be consuming an adequate amount of hydration. A dash of chia seeds and fruits would be lovely for taste and hydration as they have a large volume of water absorbed in them.  
  • Coup some soup when looking for some filling meals. You could have some cold soup for summers when paired with some noodles or pasta made out of zucchini or other multigrain for that extra dose of hydration and can be prepared and stored by blending veggies and storing them in an airtight container  and sealing them in a fridge. 
  • Smoothies with some milk known to be more hydrating than water can be an excellent source when combined with fruits for that kick of nutrients, minerals in a single stance. 
  • You could also make some ice popsicles made of fruits and store them in the fridge which would hydrate you and could act as a guilt free dessert. 
  • Primarily, focus on getting some veggies in your plate, especially the green leafy ones that contain about 95% of water and could overall improve your health through hydration and covering your macros and micros.