The last trimester is a phase of preparation and organisation of necessities that you will need while you go into labor. An intuitive and self-aware personality of the new mom can be discovered in this period. One of the most crucial aspects of preparedness in this phase, includes making your hospital bag checklist. While this is a dynamic list that has additions and deletions up to the last moment, it’s always ideal to cover the fundamentals and have them ready at least three to four weeks in advance to your due date. Well, our idea behind this article is to empower maiden mommies to pack their bags without any kind of anxiety or doubt. 

Mommy Materials

A happy mommy ensures a happy baby. So, it’s ideal to give much concentration to your needs and what you might need during delivery as a mommy. While the healthcare centre and hospitals will ensure you have your basics covered but as a mighty human who is about to pump a new human into this world, it’s always recommended to be a little extra. We can split this into about three parts, 

First set of essentials would be your documents that include ID card, medical prescriptions , insurance documents, your medical record or report that has details about your medical history and pregnancy specifics.Additionally , if you have a birth plan , you can add that too , to your documents list. 

The second part includes clothing such as comfortable pyjamas and gowns that help you feel a little more at ease than the generic hospital gowns. Maternal lingerie that includes comfortable full coverage soft cotton underwear or disposable ones for days after the initial postpartum period where you use the hospital’s mesh underwear. Supportive bra and nursing bra depending on your breastfeed options will make the experience hassle free. Pick two to three pairs of skid proof socks and flip-flops for your mobility in the hospital and while bathing. 

The third part would include ancillaries such as toiletries especially sanitary napkins to tackle the bleeding after birth. Nursing covers, pads, pillows and breast pumps to ensure a seamless breastfeeding experience. While the bedding at the hospital might be comfortable, you can carry your pillow and comforter for an additional sense of luxury.  

Baby Backpack 

You could carry some onesies for the baby ,but most preferably use the hospital provided ones with the branding,at least for the initial period for safety and identification purposes.You could use the ones you have while you take the baby home as a going home outfit. 

Carrying some swaddle and receiving blankets to swaddle your baby and to keep them warm when they’re with you, for a sense of warmth and comfort. Additionally some blankets or baby comforters for the baby when they sleep , especially when it is chilly can help them feel better and sleep peacefully. 

Some cute mittens, booties and hats would help the baby from cold legs , prevent them from scratching the face if they have big nails and cover their head for some extra sense of protection as their body is sensitive and could be easily hurt. 

Additionally some diapers , wipes and towels  to help keep the baby squeaky clean throughout the day.  

Cease the Day For A Cesarean

If you are aware that you’re going to be having a cesarean , then carrying some of the following items could help ease the process. 

Some high-waisted and full coverage c-section recovery underwear would have some moderate compression that could give you some ease.Depending on the incision, you can pick a couple or so of the fold over underwear to sit under your incision. 

A compression wrap for some added postpartum belly support which you can start after some guidance counsel from your physician.