What gives you the most joy in life? Life has been hard for virtually everyone I know recently, with politics, the pandemic, climate change, and violence making it all too easy to sink into sadness.

The good news is that joy exists… In times of stress, we just have to look a bit harder for it. Personally, I am happiest when I am laughing, with my family, writing, or rock climbing. What activities bring you the most joy?

Even if it is really simple, we should all embrace the things that make us the happiest! This blog post delves into what it means to be “happy” and what it reveals about your personality type, as well as 30 things that are most likely to increase your happiness and contentment in life!

What Joy Does to Us

Joy is in charge of the release of feel-good brain chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. And so is love!

Essentially, joy makes us feel extremely fantastic, both in our bodies and in our souls. It’s an exterior as well as an inward experience. Joy affects us in ways that go beyond simply improving our mood. Joyful feelings assist you in being more cheerful, thankful, and resilient.

Joy and Happiness

Joy is a pleasant sensation of pleasure and spiritual contentment. It is associated with inner tranquilly and life fulfilment. People feel delight when they are free of fear and judgement and feel protected. These positive emotions are linked to a healthy sense of self and esteem.

Happiness, on the other hand, is a more fleeting sensation of pleasure. You might be delighted by a new pair of shoes or a text from a romantic interest. Happiness is sometimes described as an emotion that occurs in the brain.

Also, happiness is a feeling that may be faked. “Put on a smiling face,” if you will. You can’t fake happiness. The contrast between joy and happiness is subtle, but it is critical to understand.

Happiness and Success

The intriguing thing is that happiness can lead to success, but success does not lead to happiness! In other words, enjoyment is frequently required for success. You are more likely to succeed if you are naturally joyful. If you chase success without first pursuing happiness, there is no proof that you will be happier than you would be if you were still unsuccessful.

(If you want to be successful, first find joy and happiness, then success will most likely come!)

What Your Happy Thoughts Say About You

Actors Dante Basco and Robin Williams on the set of the film Hook, directed by Steven Spielberg. (Photo by Murray Close/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images)

What are your pleasant ideas, as in Peter Pan and the film Hook? What are the things in the world that make you happier than anything else?

Things that offer us joy and thankfulness as we age are very different from those that did when we were children. Even as adults, what made us happy five years ago may no longer have the same effect.

Our joyful thoughts can reveal a lot about who the most important people in our lives are, what our personal values and priorities are, and what simple pleasures we enjoy the most.