Sleep gives you an important grip of energy to take on the coming day but is often disregarded. Most people who do not get enough sleep, end up waking cranky, tired, drained and exhausted. When you don’t get that adequate amount of sleep, every waking hour might seem challenging and menial tasks like remembering where your wallet or keys are could be quite challenging ultimately affecting your productivity during the day.

You would be surprised to know that this affects your food choices as well. Most likely, when you’re slumped with piling mails or reports, you might want to grab tanker loads of coffee or a packet of chips or something sweet, making the vending machine of processed foods your best friend and an enemy to your nutritional health. So, how do I sleep well?

Set The Ambience!

A perfectly set place could help a lot to improve your sleep quality. A bed piled with clothes and dirty socks lying on the floor with a wet towel hung somewhere on the door, your sleep could just vanish replacing itself with stress and depression at that sight. Hence, sort out the things in your room, shelf things, keep your room ready for you lay to back when you unwind. The temperature and the light of the room matters as well.

A cool dark room, with brightness toned down using blinds, curtains and shades could be a huge impact along with turning down the noise level in the surrounding by using masking sounds of fan which could actually keep the room cool and calm or could choose a soothing, calming music that could set the environment for a restful sleep night.

Pick The Accessories!

Choosing the right bedding could also be of huge help. A comfortable mattress and pillow that supports your body, it could be softer or firmer but that’s up to you. People who tend to sleep sideways should ensure picking a pillow that supports their neck, head, shoulder and ear, while those who face the ceiling with their backs on the bed, could choose a slim and lighter pillow to avoid stress on their backs. The bed and pillow material could vary from coconut coir, feathers, cotton to foam, rayon and others. Choose the ones that don’t keep you up at night with an allergy.

Wind Down Checklist!

The most challenging thing for a healthy sleep cycle is the calm mood one requires to soothe into. Try listening to some calming music or songs instead of news or TV shows that might grab a chunk of your mind. Classical and Hindustani music are great in this case and have been known to reduce blood pressure and stress. Limit the amount of caffeine or alcohol that you might consume during the day as they can affect your sleep schedule and overall affect your health.

Getting enough light during the day will ensure your body clock is right and can help you unwind easily during the night. Also, limit work after dinner, as each mail represents an action or decision to be made, which will keep your mind active, hence cut down on work and step up with mindfulness.

Yoga For Your Sleep Gaga

It’s often those unwanted thoughts, work pressure and anxiety that keeps one up. Often encouraged as a de-stressor, you could perform some Yoga poses such as the Balasana, Uttanasana, Savasana among others have been proven to reduce stress and improve sleep by 55%. So get a few stretches and poses before you hit the bed every day.

Mindful Journaling

This is a highly recommended activity where you can maintain a journal with a gratitude list and write down a few things whenever you feel like at your own pace and time. There are studies that show a connection between the feeling of well-being and gratitude, which could fill you up with positivity, lowering your anxiety and depression.

B & B Wonders

Having a hot shower before an hour or two before you sleep could calm down your muscles, de-stress your tense body and lower your heart-rate and blood pressure and help you relax. Settle in with a book, not an iPad, kindle or any electronic book, as screen time can affect your sleep. Soaking in a story at least for six minutes could lower your stress by 68% and help you sink into a peaceful sleep.

Sleep is often most neglected but most required and the best form of self-care. Wishing you a truly GOOD-NIGHT with this article.