Stay warm, stay active!

Many activities appear to be out of the question when the weather becomes cooler. There will be no more swimming, hammocking, or sandboxing. So, what are your options for entertaining your infant or energetic toddler? Here are ten winter activities to keep you entertained!

Watch the window

During the winter, there is so much to see outside! Tree limbs sway in the breeze, leaves flutter by, and snowflakes fall. If your nene enjoys the sights outside the window, consider installing a bird feeder in the yard to attract even more entertainment as the pajaritos flock to offer you a free performance.

Play ball

Many of us grew up hearing our mothers cry, “No playing ball in the home,” but if the ball isn’t too hard or heavy, there’s no need to avoid a peaceful game of catch by rolling it back and forth or gently tossing it underhand. Playing ball helps develop gross motor abilities and encourages sharing to bebé.

Blow bubbles

Most people think of blowing bubbles as an outdoor hobby, but you’re missing out if you haven’t tried it indoors! Blow bubbles in their direction or bring bubbles to bath time if you’re sitting on the carpet with your youngster. Inevitably, your nene will reach out to capture them. This is an excellent activity for improving hand-eye coordination.

Sensory play

As your nena explores her world in order to learn, touch is a crucial sense. Tactile activities delight small children while also providing fresh experiences that pique their interest. Sensory play includes allowing your child to squish play dough, splash water, and feel different textures. Search the terms “sensory boxes,” “sensory bins,” and “sensory tubs” on the internet for more amazing ideas.


Turn off the television and put on a show of your own! Puppets are a wonderful method to keep your kids entertained. Allow your older child to assist make the puppets out of old socks, markers, and fabric scraps, then watch as he or she delights in making their hermanitos giggle.

Story time

It may seem needless to read to your child, but it is never too early to introduce him to the concept of books and instil favourable thoughts about them. Even if your child isn’t looking at the pictures, the sound of your voice is soothing, and studies suggest that newborns raised by more talkative parents have a larger vocabulary at a younger age.

Finger paints

Break out the finger paints and get creative with your dedos to add some colour on the dismal winter days. To make cleanup easier, use non-toxic washable paints and have your youngster sit in a highchair.

Car rides

Are you fed up with being cooped up? A picturesque trip or a visit to abuela’s house may be just the ticket when the roads aren’t dangerous owing to poor weather. Baby can gaze out the window at the surroundings, and if you’re lucky, the vibrations of the moving car will lull him or her to sleep.

Get some fresh air

You don’t have to stay indoors just because it’s cold outdoors. In many Nordic nations, parents feel that exposing their children to cold air makes them healthier. Wrap your nena in a blanket, place her in the stroller, and go for a walk around the neighbourhood.


Cuddling is the best method to stay warm. Snuggling is a lovely way to spend an afternoon, whether in front of a warm fireplace or snuggled up in a big duvet, and a nap is much better if you both fall asleep.


  1. What can I do with my baby on a cold day?

    Taking the infant out in the cold
    If it’s going to be particularly chilly, pay attention to the weather report and plan ahead so you can find somewhere warm. Make sure you and your kid stay dry and don’t spend too much time outside. Dress your infant for the weather and have plenty of blankets and clothing changes with you.

  2. What can you do with a baby in the winter?

    Eight Winter Activities for Babies
    – Playgrounds. If you grew up in the 1980s, you may recall a place named Chuck E. Cheese.
    – Swimming. In the winter, the swimming pool is a terrific spot to visit!
    – Bookstores.
    – Library Programs.
    – Skating on the ice.
    – Science Centre.
    – The Zoo.
    – Walking.

  3. What should my 5 month old be doing in the winter?

    This winter, don’t let yourself go stir crazy being locked indoors with your kid!

    5 Winter Outdoor Activities to Do with Your Baby
    – In the Winter, Take a Walk with Your Baby…
    – Hiking with a baby in the winter.
    – Baby and I went snowshoeing.
    – Cross-Country Skiing with a Baby
    – Skating with a Baby on the Ice

  4. How do you take a baby outside in the winter?

    Outside: Outside, utilise many inner layers, such as a cotton snap-bottom undershirt and a fleece sleeper, while taking a baby out in the cold. Then wrap your baby with a blanket and zip them up in a polyester or down-filled bunting.