Human mind is a tool that creates life through learning. When our toddlers hit school and are introduced to this whole concept of learning, they could get a little overwhelmed with the amount of information being thrown at them. To ensure they absorb the knowledge correctly, spending some time with them after school and during weekends can help ease them from the stiffness and fear of tests or examinations that are about to appear at the later stages of life. This could be as intimidating for the parent as it is for the child, as the journey is pretty spontaneous and we have to have a very dynamic approach keeping the child’s mental health, a priority.So, as new moms, how do we  train them and guide them through the process? 

Study Material Prep 

Ensure that your kid has all school supplies with a backup of each item, organised the night before school and involve them when you shop for these things which will help them understand the sense of purpose and help them intuitively go for these things when they need them. This activity will make a huge difference and enable your child to be self-aware of the whole “need” concept. Help them organise their things after they use it and having a separate study-area will help them get into the mood to learn and stay focused without any distractions. 

Take Breaks 

Most kids get restless if you make them sit for a long time and will end up hating study-time because of the push. Instead set little alarms in between these study sessions that would enable your child to lay back and not cloud their heads. During these breaks encourage your child to get up, walk a little, give them a glass of water and help them stretch, take some deep long breaths. All of these will help calm your child’s mind and motivate them to focus better with a fresh mind after the break. 

Small Mini Snack Sesh 

The study-time after school can be a typical two to three hour session. It’s natural that your kids can be exhausted and in need of some refreshments while studying. A snack board is a great idea to keep your kid engaged and refreshed throughout the session. You can also sneak your kid’s daily dose of nutrition through this. Few ideas for the snack board would include fruit kebabs, mini salad skewers, nut bars and some smoothies occasionally, which can do the magic. 

Chime The End Time 

Make sure you maintain a hard set end time which will help both you and the kid don’t end up being burnt out. Having an end time will ensure that your child understands the essence of time and it just helps manage things better.This ending time would give you and your child something to work towards. Once the end time chimes in, toss everything away and relax! 

Forward A Reward 

Celebrating a small victory along the journey can help your child be motivated and approach the process with more zeal and enthusiasm. Say, the kid completed a tough math homework or made a beautiful drawing for the art class or finished her lines of poem, rhymes for the english class,  a small treat can act as encouragement for her. Something like candies on the spot or ice-cream after dinner or an extra hour of video game with pop-corn is what they need and would help them be positive. 

Closing Time Ritual 

Once you’re about to hit the stop time , make sure you have an ending ritual. Something like a dance party or playing with your pet, going for a stroll or singing your favourite songs could help the kid and yourself as a mom to reconnect and loosen oneself after work. This could be your bonding movement and while the whole family participates in this ritual, it could act as a great stressor for both the parents and kids.