The arrival of a new sibling is nothing less of life-changing for a toddler. Consider it for a moment: they’re no longer the focus of their parents’ universe. There’s a new baby in the family, and everything they thought was normal has been turned upside down. Or at least that’s how it appears from their teeny-tiny viewpoint.

Practicing with a baby doll is one approach to prepare your toddler for a new baby. Demonstrate to her how you’ll breastfeed the baby (which she can practise) and how she can assist with diaper changes (or, at least, bring you a new diaper).

You don’t have to have your toddler with you when you deliver the baby, but if you do, make sure you have someone to help you care for him. Tell him to kiss and touch the baby’s toes since they are his “Special Big Brother Spot.” This will assist him avoid poking the baby in the eye by accident. It’s also fun to tape one of his small paintings to the bassinet of the newborn. Also, bring a fresh, wrapped stuffed animal from his baby to give him as a gift! It will make him feel accepted and cherished.

When it comes to gifts, make sure you have a few new trinkets on hand for when visitors bring new baby gifts. When you have a visitor, offer one of these to your visitor as a “big brother” gift for your toddler.

I give a lot more entertaining techniques in the blogs to help you keep the peace in your growing family! For instance, there’s one called “gossip.” Assume you’re in a room with your toddler and your husband. Tell your husband how well your toddler has adjusted to his new sister. (DO NOT glance at your youngster or wink when doing this… You “didn’t mean to be overheard,” according to the theory.) This hidden communication will be intercepted by your child, who will be grateful for his cooperation.


  1. How do I prepare my 2 year old for a new baby?

    – Give a lesson in anatomy…
    – Teach your child to burp.
    – Communicate without using words.
    – Find activities to do during your quiet time.
    – Remind her of being in the womb…
    – Make a practise run with your partner….
    – Rehearse for playtime. …
    – Demonstrate how to be gentle.

  2. How can I help my toddler accept a new baby?

    – Give him special jobs. …
    – Ask his advice. …
    – Together, keep an eye on the baby….
    – Read Stories about his new responsibilities.
    – Allow him to relate the story…
    – Recognise his emotions….
    – Spend some time with him alone….
    – Allow him to pursue his own interests.

  3. How do I prepare my 1 year old for a new baby?

    As much as possible, stick to your child’s regular routine. The best thing you can do to prepare your 1-year-old is to look after yourself, get help when you need it, plan for him to be well cared for throughout the birth, and arrange for aid after the birth so you can still spend quality time with him.

  4. How can I help my 3 year old adjust to a new baby?

    – Recognise your child’s emotions. Don’t scold your child if he or she expresses bad sentiments or acts out.
    – Spend one-on-one time with each other on a regular basis.
    – Give a gift (or two)….
    – Give frequent compliments.
    – Regression.
    – Acting rough with the baby.
    – Anxiety…
    – Set up a few playdates.