One can grow plants for several reasons. It could be to please and lighten the soul amongst the chaotic moments we live in today, to challenge the elements that give us a sense of the process along with challenging our patience as in this fast paced world, this virtue is almost getting extinct. For novelty, nostalgia or just even to see the beautiful plants grow as a result of the hard work you sowed in contemplation. If you love plants or always wanted to have a beautiful garden, then you don’t need much to start and that’s why we’re here to help you start with it in baby steps. Planting a garden can be a signal that you believe in tomorrow.Let’s get started.

Wait For The Weight!

Well, this article mainly targets the major demographic who have a restriction on space. For convenience let’s consider you’re in a condo or an apartment with just the balcony. The first and foremost thing to verify is that if you have enough space to accommodate the desired number of pots and primarily if the space can hold the pots’ weight, because the mud , terracotta pots could be quite heavy. If in case that’s an issue, you might consider rice pots or fabric grow bags that can have light soil mixes or fabric pots which wouldn’t cause a weight issue.

How to Floater Water?

In case you’re someone who travels frequently for work or is planning to grow these plants on the rooftop, it’s impossible for you to be carrying gallons of water everyday to water your plants.At this point, what you can consider are self-watering potters which basically work on the capillary action through a water reservoir to the soil in the potter, water is absorbed and the damp soil hydrates the other parts of the plants.

Make The Right Choice

Depending on the geographic conditions of where you live and where you can have your plants, it’s always best to choose plants that are supported by those conditions. It varies on how much sunlight or how much wind your plants are subjected to.

  • If your balcony is situated in the south or if it’s the rooftop where the plants can be under direct sunlight, then a variety of cacti, vegetables and flowers will flourish well.
  • If the space is under a shade or situated in the north, then there are a variety of low light plants that can be grown there and you can visit a nearby plant nursery and pick whichever you want with the help of the guide there.

Wind Wound?

If you live on higher floors, then the presence of hot, drying winds are quite common and can be a foe for your plants. In this case, they can really dry up your plants hence it’s important to always stay on top of your watering game. Additionally, you can use gardening fabric to cover the area where the plants are present with some supports to hold them in place and in winter or ice-cold conditions utilise frost cloth for the same set-up. 

Start Slow and Grow Steady

If you have a very small space for plants, then it’s ideal you start with a few pots and then graduate to vertical gardening. You can use the wall hang baskets and pockets and they can support you grow plants even with a space restriction.

Gardening radiates the value of sustainability among other things. Hence ensure you do a thing or two to keep up that virtue. Utilising discarded seed flats from nurseries or sharing seeds within friends and making use of coffee glass jars to pot plants and creating your own manure from kitchen waste are great steps for you and the plants you grow to have a sustainable future.