4 Ways to Encourage Your Children to Love the Skin They’re In

Our parenting is always influenced by our history, and we aren’t even aware of it. Sometimes we do things exactly as our parents would, or we purposefully select the opposite approach to avoid “becoming like them.” The same is true for how we think about ourselves, our bodies, and our self-esteem — our past influences how we see ourselves.

Colorism has impacted parenting in the Black community in the past, and preconceptions have been passed down down the generations. Colorism is the discrimination that dark-skinned people endure, frequently in their own communities, and it isn’t only a “Black issue”; it occurs in many multicultural cultures.

When youngsters hear comments about skin colour and the distinctions between people of different skin tones, both good and negative, a variety of things happen, one of which is not loving the skin they’re in.

We impact our children from the moment they are born, so we can surely teach them to love their skin no matter what the world, our larger families and communities, or even our personal blind spots tell them. In an era where cultures are colliding, your child may be wondering where they fit in and how they can truly love themselves if they don’t look like their peers.

Here are four creative approaches to inspire your child to appreciate their skin if you want to encourage a positive view of their skin and background in them.

1. Be an inspiring role model

Isn’t it true that our children’s small eyes are always on us? So here’s some advise you’ve undoubtedly heard before: Model the conduct you wish to see in your child. Allowing your child to witness you loving on your own skin and body, talking positively about yourself, and expressing your strengths will help them mirror the positivity you reflect.

2. Show them other beautiful people who look like them

The best part about Black History Month is how easy it is to find lists of books to read about famous people. There’s also a whole library of movies on Netflix about Black people and tales, as well as even more opportunities to watch and see people your kids like who have the same skin tone as them. They can realise that it’s not just you pushing them to love their skin by watching their favourite individuals – they can see other renowned or inspiring people doing the same. Children enjoy hearing what you’ve been telling them said by someone else. This is one method to go about it!

3. Create a routine for taking care of their skin

Kids adore goods that are specifically designed for them. Perhaps you can start a new habit with items that will nourish and care for their skin when you remark about how beautiful their skin tone is! Go shopping with your child to find items that smell good, look well, or feature their favourite figure on the front, and show them how to use them on a daily basis.

4. Check in and talk with them

Open dialogues about why we should appreciate our own skin, why kids may feel different from their peers, and why aspects of their body that they aren’t as fond of should still be celebrated will strengthen your bond. If you avoid confronting a perceived problem, it will only get worse. Instead, rush to the uncomfortable conversation, where you may all learn and grow together. You could also talk about your own sentiments and how your child can work through them.


  1. How do you teach a child to love their body?

    To help build confidence, here are a few parenting tips for nurturing body positivity.
    Be a body positive role model as a parent. …
    Teach your child about self-acceptance. …
    Talk to your kids about “the perfect body” …
    Help children enjoy their bodies and encourage physical activity. …
    Create positive connections with food.

  2. How do I teach my daughter body positivity?

    Here are some ways that you can teach your children to have a positive body image and develop healthy habits for life:
    Be a role model for your child. …
    Change attitudes towards physical activity. …
    Develop a healthy relationship with food. …
    Celebrate your child’s physical and non-physical attributes.

  3. How do you encourage your child?

    How to Motivate Children: Science-Based Approaches for Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers
    Follow babies’ lead.
    Elicit curiosity.
    Encourage children’s playful exploration.
    Prioritize social interaction during learning.
    Challenge children just enough.
    Give children agency.
    Provide incentives only when necessary.

  4. How do you promote body positivity?

    Positive affirmations. …
    Think healthier, not skinnier. …
    Compliment others freely. …
    Surround yourself with positivity. …
    Focus on the things you like about yourself. …
    Stop comparing yourself to others. …
    Cut out negative self-talk. …
    Absorb body positive messages.