You underestimate how much you’ll worry about toys before becoming a parent – after all, something that’s supposed to be enjoyable also needs to be safe and developmentally appropriate. Toys for toddlers should ideally be educational as well… It doesn’t hurt if it’s something that will keep them occupied for a while, either. But where do you even begin?

With a little extra effort, almost any toy can be instructive – after all, these are toddlers, and every second they spend investigating the world around them, they’re learning something. These toys, on the other hand, are designed to help kids learn and practise the abilities they’re developing every day while having fun.

Are you looking for any toys that can teach toddlers something as they play? Continue reading to learn about the top educational toys for toddlers that every child should have.

Toddler Puzzles

When it comes to educational toys, sometimes simpler is better, and these wooden learning puzzles are no exception. Variations like this may be found all over the internet, but this set of two can be obtained at Target for a very affordable price, and will help your children become more familiar with animal names and shapes.

A Baby Doll

A baby doll is usually a fantastic idea if you want to foster imaginative play (or prepare your toddler for a younger sibling). This one is soft and includes a bottle, a book, and a pacifier, among other things. You may be surprised to learn that your toddler already understands how to feed their new baby!

Little Passports: Early Explorers

It’s a present that keeps on giving with Little Passports! The Little Passports: Early Explorers subscription package is designed for children aged 3 to 5, and it aims to pique their interest in international exploration. A welcome letter from pen pals, a Little Passports suitcase, a pop-out playset and stickers, a wall-sized globe map, and a very fun activity booklet with games, fascinating facts, and puzzles are all included in the first box!

A Shape Sorter

While this is a simple toy, it may keep some toddlers occupied for hours as they try to figure out how to put the shapes in the appropriate places. There are other variants of this toy available at various price ranges, but this one is affordable, wooden, and extremely colourful. Using a toy like this helps your child learn shapes and colours while also improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities.

Poke-A-Dot Books

This book keeps toddlers engaged while you read with them, and it helps them become an active listener as you count and practise words together. Pro tip: On road trips, this one is a game changer.

Mega Bloks Wagon

Don’t worry if your child is too young for Lego – she isn’t too young to learn the thrill of constructing with plastic bricks! This waggon comes with 20 vividly coloured blocks, and the best thing is that as you push it, it collects all of the blocks that have strewn around the floor.

A Busy Board

This portable activity board is ideal for use on the go, in the car, or at home, allowing children to practise skills such as buckling, tying their shoes, and using a zipper. It can also be mounted to the back of the front seat for on-the-go entertainment during a road trip.

A Water Drawing Mat

This is the way to go if you want your child to express himself artistically without making a mess. Water is used in conjunction with the markers, paintbrushes, and sponges that come with this enormous doodle mat to allow your child to be creative.

A Memory Game

Are you ready for your toddler to put her memory (and, most likely, yours) to the test? This zoo-themed memory game from Skip Hop is a terrific way to introduce your child to this genre of matching games while also giving her the opportunity to practise her animal names.

Leapfrog ‘100 Animals Book’

This is more than a book; it’s a fantastic learning tool (though it does require some batteries). This talking book will teach your children animal names, noises, and facts, and it is available in English and Spanish. Ideal for bilingual families!

A Fisher-Price Tea Set

If you’re looking for a first tea set for your child, this is a terrific option! The Fisher-Price version of the iconic toy is designed to educate kids about sharing and how to use their managers — and it doesn’t hurt that it’s also melodic and adorable.

Sensory Balls

Looking for a simple, injury-free way to have your child practise rolling, tossing, and playing catch? Take a look at these sensory balls. They’re even safe for far younger babies, and no one — not even your windows — will be damaged if a ball goes awry.

Pegs & Pegboard Set

This toy will help you practise your fine motor skills! This rubber pegboard, designed for children aged 2 and up, offers a lot of open-ended play: They can practise putting the pegs in the holes, sorting the pegs by colour, counting the pegs – the options are unlimited.

A Shopping Cart & Groceries

Your toddler has most likely watched you buy for groceries before; now it’s time for him to put what he’s learned to the test! A toy shopping cart and goods provide ample chances for open-ended, imaginative play as well as walking practise while pushing the cart.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank

Do you need to brush up on your counting, colours, or maybe learn a new language? This Fisher-Price pig has it all. Toddlers may practise taking toys out of and back into the piggy bank while it cracks jokes, counts, and sings to them in both English and Spanish.

Tinker Rings

While toddlers play, these stretchy, magnetic rings stick together, allowing them to stack or hang them together. This is yet another open-ended, vividly coloured toy that will help kids improve fine motor skills while also learning colours.


  1. What educational toys do 2 year olds need?

    Bristle Blocks.
    Picasso Tiles.
    Matching Egg Toys.
    Heads & Tails Flash Cards.
    Alphabet Matching Pops.
    Alphabet Puzzle.
    Wooden Shape Color Stack Puzzle.

  2. What toys should every toddler have?

    Top Toys:
    Brightly colored, multipatterned crib mobiles (Note: Remove from crib once your baby can sit up)
    Unbreakable mirrors.
    Floor gyms.
    Activity boards.
    Soft, washable, colorful stuffed animals or dolls with a smiling face.
    Small stuffed fabric balls.

  3. What toys should be in a toddler classroom?

    Workman agree that the best toys allow for plenty of open-ended and imaginative play, such as:
    Dolls, animals and action figures.
    Items based on real-life objects, such as play food and utensils, vehicles (like cars and trains) and dollhouses or other buildings.
    Blocks, manipulatives and simple puzzles.

  4. What is the most educational toy?

    The best educational toys for kids
    Smart Lab: Smart Circuits.
    Playskool Shape Sorter.
    Yoto Player.
    Amazon Fire 7 Kids Pro.
    Kiwi Crates subscription.
    Lego Duplo My First Number Train.
    Kano PC.
    Playtime Engineering: Blipblox.