The proverb “put good in, get good out” applies not only to the food you eat, but also to what you consume on social media.

Just as eating nutrient-rich meals produces beneficial physical consequences, a “diet” of social accounts that inspire and encourage you can help you progress on your path to a healthy existence.

However, social media is notorious for displaying exaggerated pictures of health.

Many social media profiles might make you feel like a healthy lifestyle is just for a select few, whether it’s photographs of unattainable bodies or no-leaf-out-of-place salads.

This could not be further from the truth.

Instead of following accounts that make you feel disheartened, you can follow people who exhibit real-world strategies to eat healthy while having open talks about the difficulty of doing so.

Do you want to create a feed that will nourish both your body and mind?

Here are 11 social media profiles to follow for healthy eating inspiration.

1.Compston Kitchen

Stephen and Elise Compston are qualified dietitians as well as a married couple who enjoys cooking together.

Their slogan, #upgradedeverydayeats, says it all about their approachable approach to nutritious, delectable everyday cuisine.

They give engaging, realistic posts for getting dinners on the table quickly by combining their shared skill with the real-life obstacles of parenting young children.

Their specialty is meals that require only a few ingredients. Their 4-ingredient tofu sheet-pan dinner and 5-ingredient BBQ egg and cheese quesadillas are both must-tries.

Also, visit their blog for even more quick and easy dinner ideas.

2.Budget Bytes

Some culinary social media profiles have beautiful recipe photographs, but a closer look reveals that their ingredient lists are somewhat pricey (ahem… truffle oil everything).

Budget Bytes, on the other hand! As the name implies, the social pages of this culinary site are focused to simple, healthful dishes that won’t break the pocketbook.

Beth Moncel, a recent college graduate struggling to make ends meet, launched her blog in 2009 as a method to track her efforts in developing low-cost recipes.

Budget Bytes is now a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to eat well for less, with over 400,000 Instagram followers and an app that compiles all of her recipes in one location.

Moncel’s content library includes everything from comfort cuisine classics to vegan treats and meal prep ideas.

3.Accessible Wellness

Jackie Silver, a nutritionist with a physical impairment, understands personally that wellness isn’t a one-size-fits-all undertaking.

Her helpful Instagram page provides simple recipes, useful hints on reusing leftovers, and a plethora of 2-minute nutritious snack ideas for those with and without disabilities — yes, they really take 2 minutes to create!

She also offers information on nutritional therapy for a variety of impairments and chronic diseases.

Silver is also a Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness practitioner, as seen by her blogs about eating with intention and transforming your perspective around food and body image.

4.Natasha’s Kitchen

When your day could use a little extra happiness, visit Natasha’s Kitchen on YouTube. Natasha Kravchuk’s humorous, cheery demeanour and funny visual gags are sure to make you grin in her hundreds of films.

Natasha’s films offer step-by-step procedures for more difficult preparations such as ratatouille and macarons, in addition to several simple and delicious dishes.

While not all of Natasha’s dishes are completely healthy (hello, glazed donuts), her overall attitude toward food as a source of joy is contagious. If you want to improve your cooking talents, you won’t find a more entertaining instructor.

5.Kids Eat in Color

Sure, you want to eat healthier, but what about your children?

As many parents are aware, having fussy eaters can derail even the best-laid mealtime arrangements.

Jennifer Anderson, a registered nutritionist, is here to help.

As the mother of two young boys, she is well trained in assisting parents of picky eaters to find their way to eating healthy as a family.

Anderson distinguishes fact from fantasy about children’s nutritional needs with a sense of humour. Follow her for kid-friendly snack ideas, information on realistic toddler portion sizes, and tips for what to do with leftover Halloween candy.

6.Fit Men Cook

Being female appears to be a prerequisite for becoming a healthy eating social media guru at times. Men, too, want to eat properly!

Kevin Curry of Fit Men Cook, who has 1.6 million Instagram followers, is an inspiration to people all around the world for his down-to-earth social material.

His feed contains a variety of delectable-yet-doable recipes.

Curry’s quick, mildly sweetened peach oat skillet cobbler is great for breakfast, and his Cajun red pepper spaghetti with shrimp and mushrooms is great for dinner.

Curry also discusses his personal fitness achievements, such as triathlon training, as well as his disappointments, such as the time he attempted aerial yoga. His upbeat, can-do attitude will undoubtedly motivate you to become more active.

7.Desilicious RD

Check out Shahzadi Devje of Desilicious RD for worldwide recipe inspiration with a mindfulness twist.

Devje, a Canadian nutritionist of South Asian descent, has a feed full of globally inspired dishes, illustrating that eating better doesn’t have to be dull or flavourless.

Her delicious concoctions include Indian carrot halwa, Lebanese fattoush, and South-Asian-style vegan shepherd’s pie, to name a few.

Though some of her recipes are complex, others, such as her DIY salad dressings and energy nibbles, are delightfully simple.

Devje’s mild ideas guide readers toward mindful eating and environmentally friendly food choices throughout.

8.Real Life Nutritionist

Have you ever wished you had a nutritionist buddy who could give you plain nutritional advice? Miranda Galati, a real-life nutritionist, is the virtual companion you’ve been yearning for.

Galati’s blogs clear the air on controversial topics like detoxes, gluten, carbohydrates, and refined sugar – and her professional responses may surprise you!

Plus, with the phrase “All Foods Fit,” Galati’s dietary philosophy embodies inclusivity.

Her stream features creative methods to prepare meals with simple, healthful ingredients. She also regularly posts “items I ate this week,” because who doesn’t want to know what dietitians eat?

9.The Mediterranean Dish

Many health experts recommend the Mediterranean diet, and for good reason. Following this anti-inflammatory eating regimen, however, entails more than simply frying everything in olive oil.

Suzy Karadsheh grew up in Egypt, making Mediterranean foods in her mother’s home.

Karadsheh, who is now located in North America, demonstrates what a Mediterranean diet looks like in real life with healthful meals featured on her blog and social media platforms.

While her recipes come from all over the world, the majority of them are simple to make and use common cupboard ingredients.

The no-cook herbed Med chicken salad, for example, is excellent for busy weeknights, and her easy pesto eggs are a quick-yet-filling breakfast.

Do you require some additional assistance in the kitchen? Follow Karadsheh’s Instagram live cook-alongs.

10.Vitamin RI

Maria Sylvester Terry, a former teacher turned nutritionist, is the first to admit how unrealistic social media can be.

Her Instagram feed, Vitamin RI, tries to help individuals untangle negative beliefs, which are frequently fostered by social media, and instead cultivate a positive approach to eating.

Her tagline, “helping you discard your black-and-white thinking and live in the grey region,” reflects her upbeat attitude.

Maria urges you to be nicer to yourself by not comparing your health journey to others’ and recognising that your weight does not determine your worth through her blogs and videos.

Vitamin RI is a good place to start if you want to eat more intuitively.

11.Food Heaven

Are you curious about what it means to be healthy at any size? Are you looking for information on intuitive eating? Do you want a delicious slice of zucchini bread? Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones are licenced dietitians, diabetic educators, and best friends.

Their social media platforms emphasise inclusivity for people of different body kinds and ethnic backgrounds.

Meanwhile, their podcast, with the help of other food and nutritional experts, addresses topics such as whether body mass index (BMI) is a valid measure of health, whether you should consume organic or non-GMO foods, and how to eat well on a budget.

The bottom line

If you’re going to spend time on social media, make it a happy and encouraging one.

Rather than following influencers that encourage excessive expectations or feed you “junk” science, it’s critical to follow accounts that make healthier practises seem doable.

While scrolling through your feed will not convert you into a healthy eating guru overnight, exposing yourself to real (not perfect) people may be just what you need to motivate you to take the next step in your health journey.