We thought we had it all figured out when my husband and I welcomed our first child this spring. We’d read every book, gotten a tonne of advise, and felt completely prepared.

But if there’s one thing that babies teach you, it’s that being prepared only goes so far. Sure, we knew we’d have sleepless nights and distracted days ahead of us, but there are a few baby tips and practises that aren’t often acknowledged, if at all.

Here are some things I wish someone had informed me before I had a child:

1. It gets harder before it gets easier

I became cocky during our first week back at home. Our youngster was perfectly comfortable sleeping for 18 to 20 hours a day in his bouncy seat. I was able to get work done, fold laundry, and cook dinner with this infant. We’d just had a “decent” baby, I’d assured myself.

I was singing a new tune by the time he was three weeks old.

It can take a few weeks for a baby to truly “wake up.” He was suddenly wide awake for lengthy periods of time, begging to be held at all times, and sobbing for more than a minute. It was a totally new ballgame for me, and I started to lose my footing. I wish someone had informed me that the first week at home might feel like a honeymoon, and that it’s perfectly normal for things to get worse before they get easier.

2. Babies have to learn how to breastfeed

I’d always heard that when newborns were born, they knew immediately how to breastfeed. That is not the case! Despite the fact that infants have a natural rooting and sucking reflex, they must learn that the goods come from your chest. I freaked out when the nurse nearly put his little head against my chest. However, she explained to me that he has no idea where food originates from, so I had to hold his head there until he realised he was eating.

3. Newborns have freaky breathing patterns

Babies will occasionally cease breathing for 5 to 10 seconds, causing Mom to have a heart attack, before suddenly restarting breathing fast and shallowly, as if gasping for air. I was so grateful I was in the hospital with a paediatrician present the first time it happened; otherwise, I would have assumed something was wrong. His little brain was still trying to figure out how to signal his lungs to take a breath. As a result, signals are occasionally crossed.

4. A pacifier is totally useless

I thought pacifiers were a terrific method to teach a baby to self-soothe, but when you put one in his mouth, he freaks out. He’ll accept it from his father on occasion, but only for a few minutes at a time when we’re desperate for him to let us finish a task. He screams as if I’m trying to poison him if I try to do it. A pacifier will not satisfy all newborns, so don’t rely on one at first.

5. They can have more acne than a teenager

I’ve always assumed that infants have flawless skin, and I was right—for a few days. Babies can have a lot of pimples on their chin and cheeks as mom’s hormones leave his body, making them look like they’re going through adolescence. I was worried that we weren’t washing his face thoroughly enough, but it turns out that this is very typical. It’s also not the measles. (Whew!)

6. They don’t just pee on you—they can, and will, poop on you.

When I changed my small boy’s diaper, everyone—EVERYONE!—warned me that he might pee on me. What I hadn’t anticipated was his rocket’s Poop! He managed to poop all over his laundry hamper, dresser, carpet, and parents. As a result, I’m here to tell you: It has the potential to shoot out like a cannon. Almost makes up for it with his cute, contented expression.

Undo the diaper tabs, then sit for a minute with the diaper still covering his booty. We’ve saved ourselves a lot of poop explosions by simply being patient and letting him do his thing.

7. It’s smart to disconnect your credit card from your Amazon account

Someone online could tell you that a quail egg will help your infant sleep at 2 a.m., and you’ll find yourself spending $50 on it. I wish someone had informed me that I’d be buying sound machines and salt lamps on impulse while the baby sobbed in my sleep-deprived arms. During his morning nap, you’ll have a lot more clarity. So, to avoid a budget hangover in the morning, disconnect your card from your Amazon account.

8. Those little suckers are slippery!

My husband and I could barely hold on to our kid the first time we bathed him. We ultimately purchased a baby bathtub because we were terrified of dropping him on the floor.

9. The slightest noise now wakes you up

Kicks on the feet? Head sways a little? Is that a deep sigh? Any tiny noise, no matter what it is, wakes me up and makes me expect a cry.

10. You can miss your baby while in the same room

Since the birth of our first grandchild, everyone in our families has been clamouring for the baby. At first, a break appears to be ideal. But as soon as he’s being cuddled by someone else, I want him back. Sharing the infant love is more difficult than it appears.


  1. What are three things to remember about a newborn?

    – He had a strange expression on his face…
    – You’ll be surprised by the first poo…
    – He’ll be starving….
    – He won’t be able to sleep through the night.
    – He isn’t able to see very far….
    – You don’t have to bathe him on a daily basis….
    – Always go for a fragrance-free option.
    – He makes a lot of noise!

  2. Did you know facts about newborns?

    Learning to speak starts in the womb.
    Swimming skill is something that all babies are born with.
    Birthmarks are an unusually prevalent affliction.
    Newborns have poor vision….
    Babies have more bones than adults.
    Breastfeeding is a skill that takes time to master.
    The stomachs of babies are surprisingly small.

  3. What is the most important thing to remember when holding a newborn baby?

    When cradling a newborn, it’s critical to keep one hand on the head and neck at all times. After all, upon delivery, your baby’s head is the heaviest section of his body. Pay careful attention to the fontanelles on the top of the baby’s head, which are delicate places.

  4. What should you not do with a newborn?

    Foods to stay away from if you have a baby or a young child
    – Salt. Salt is bad for babies’ kidneys, so they shouldn’t eat a lot of it.
    – Sugar. Sugar is not required for your child’s development.
    – Saturated fat is a type of fat that has a high content of saturated fatty acids
    – Honey.
    – Nuts and peanuts in their whole form…
    – There are a few cheeses…
    – Eggs, both raw and barely cooked
    – Rice-based beverages.